Raith Turnkey 150 SEM & E-beam lithography system

Repsonsible: Anders Liljeborg

Good bye Raith 150, dismantling the tool

The SEM (Scanning Electron microscope) and e-beam lithography system from Raith Gmbh was delivered on 28:th of May, 1999. It is a combination of a SEM manufactured by LEO Electron microscopy Ltd. (now acquired by Zeiss) using the Gemini column and a high precision laser interferometric stage combined with special D/A (digital-to-analog) converters for the e-beam deflection during lithography, both made by Raith Gmbh.

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Help running the Turnkey 150 for the experienced user.

Booking list for the SEM and E-beam system.

Phonelist, NanoFabLab users

Probe Current measurements      Maintenance Manual

Some projects using E-beam lithography

Pt nanoheater

Crack junctions

Photonic MEMS

Plasmonic Metamaterials

Hybrid Plasmonic Devices

Hybrid Plasmonic Cavity

Double slot hybrid ring resonator

Diffractive optics

Nanofocus X-ray zoneplate

Improved tungsten

Single Electron Transistor

Two capacitively coupled single electron devices

Josephson junction biased by 1-D SQUID array

Tunnel junctions / magneto-resistance

Some results, data and descriptions, internal access only

Check of beam focus after vacuumeter problem, 2016-11-30

Test results showing effect of step size    

Depth-of-focus for different apertures, estimation.

Images of filament/tip, terrace structures, replaced Dec. 2007    

Images of filament tip, broken, replaced 2004-04-05    

Probe current stability measurements.

Two-layer resist system, used for shadow evaporation, example, mostly used by Nanophys group.

Turnkey 150 without covers.

LED illumination replacement. 2013-11-12.

Tip exchange in column

Second tip exchange

Laser interferomteric stage

Close-up of stage support pins and current sensing pin for sample holder

Replacement of LEO Gemini column, 2004-11-10

Tip/filament exchange, 2006-07-07

Estimation of vibration levels after de-coupling of cooling pipes from AC-units, 2006-07-13

Some pictures from the previous lab at KTH-campus
Anders Liljeborg
Nanostructure Physics