Operation of the projection mask aligner

Canon PPC 210 Projection Print Camera

Responsible: Taras Golod

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Start-up Procedure:

  1. Start the grey pump in the service corridor behind the aligner
  2. Open the valve for the Nitrogen gas
  3. Plug in the power for the air conditioning and HEPA filter unit
  4. In the "Turn Table" group put the switches in "single" and "cylinder work" positions.
  5. in the "shutter release control" group put the switches in "non release" and "with alignment" positions
  6. In the exposure group put thee switch in "manual off" position.
  7. Plug in the power cord for the PPC and power supplies
  8. Start the PPC by pushing the "power" button
  9. Turn on the power supply for the mercury lamp
  10. Press the "start" button on the mercury lamp power supply and hold it for 1-3 seconds (you should hear a sharp sound from the power supply)
  11. Wait for 30-40 minutes for the mercury lamp to warm up.




  1. Turn on the power for the yellow alignment light.

  2. Place your mask in the mask holder and turn on mask vacuum

  3. Put your sample in the center of the sample holder

  4. Press the "start" button to rotate the stage, the expose indicator should now be on. Remove any previously exposed samples.

  5. Move the "wafer focus" to zero position

  6. Focus on your sample

  7. Focus the mask on your sample using the "mask focus"

  8. Make a rough alignment of your pattern

  9. Move "wafer focus" to the 100 µm position

  10. Align your sample

  11. Set the exposure time on the timer using the outer scale

  12. Flip the switch for release to "automatic release" position.

  13. Move the microscope to the left edge to start exposure.

  14. If you have more samples to expose, return to point 3

  15. Flip the Turn table switch to "Cylinder no work" position

  16. Flip to release switch to "non release" position

  17. Press the "Start" button to rotate the stage.

  18. Remove your sample

  19. Put the microscope back in a centered position

  20. Turn off the alignment lamp.

  21. When exposing next sample start from 1


Open for mask loading,
press button at upper left corner to open.


Mask loaded


Focus knob


Optical column with mask and wafer focus

System shut down:

  1. Turn of the vacuum for the mask and remove the mask

  2. Move the microscope to a centered position if this is not already done. Not doing this can damage the "automatic release" mechanism that starts the exposure.

  3. Place the silicon wafer on the mask holder to prevent dust from falling into the optical column.

  4. Turn of the yellow alignment light if this is not already done

  5. Turn of the mercury lamp power supply

  6. Turn of the power for the PPC

  7. Unplug the power cords for the power supplies and the PPC.

  8. Wait for 30 min and then turn of the nitrogen flow and the grey pump in the service corridor.

  9. Unplug the air conditioning/HEPA unit.

General information and operating tips

Daniel Öijerholm Cond. Mat. Phys., SU, Anders Liljeborg Nanostructure Physics, KTH.