Translation stage of SPM/AFM Multimode

Disassembled for cleaning, 2009-03-04

Translation stage has not been lubricated for years, it gives a very small range and the spring loaded backlash does not work at all.

The stage was disassembled and lubricated. These pictures show the stage and scan head half-way disassembled, prior to cleaning.


Stage with both adjustment screws removed, one at the top right and one at the top center.
At the bottom there are two steel balls removed, the top end of the springs can barely be seen.
At the top left can be seen on steel ball, spring loaded, pushing stage sideways (to the right in this picture).



Side view of same part.


The scan head containing the diod laser, quadrant detector, cantilever holder, etc. Here upside down with back-side towards the viewer. The springs to left and right holds the head onto the translation stage.



Scan head, under side seen from another angle

Anders Liljeborg Nanostructure Physics, KTH.