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Surface potential measurement

Some very short notes on how to measure surface potential with the Multimode and the Nanoscope IV controller.
More info can be found in the manual for the Nanoscope IV controller. Please note that the "main" manual refers to the Nanoscope III controller when describing how to measure surface potential.

Using Nanoscope software Version 6.
Important settings:

Parameters marked with green arrows should be observed and/or tweaked for best performance.

This is a waveguide made in KTP-crystal, squares have different potential due to Potassium atoms replaced with Rubidium atoms.


This is roughly the same settings for Nanoscope software version 5.

This is a more complete image scanned with version 5.
Note that surface height does not show any change where the potential variations are.
Note also a smaller waveguide that does not have surface potential variations to the middle left in the height (left) image.

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Anders Liljeborg