SPM anti-vibration facilities

In order to reduce mechanical and acoustical vibrations to enter the SPM there are now added an acoustical isolation hood and an active anti-vibration platform added to the setup as of 2006-12-07.


The acoustical hood closed around the SPM.
At the lower front there is an observation window for the front panel display of the SPM.


Acoustical hood open showing SPM on top of active anti-vibration platform TS150.


Front panel of TS150. From left to right (and top to bottom):


LCD display at normal operation. Also the "Isolation on" indicator should be lit.


By using the Up or Down buttons the LCD display cycles through various functions.
Function to lock the TS150 for transport.
Must be used before shutting off and moving the TS150
The TS150 will automatically unlock when powered on again.


This is showing the load and balance of the four servo-loops in the TS150.
If any of the Balance indicators are at top or bottom, the vibration isolation is not functioning.
Then also the "Isolation on" indicator is flashing or off.


This is showing vibration signals in X Y and Z.
It is only an approximate display, not scaled to any absolute levels.
By pressing Enter button the time scale can be changed.


Function to turn off/on the LCD back-light.


Anders Liljeborg Nanostructure Physics, KTH.