MFM using Dimension 3100

Settings for doing MFM with AFM Dimension 3100, by Bruker (formerly Digital Instruments, Veeco).
Tip used Multi75M-G from Budget Sensors, res. freq. 75 kHz, force const. 3 N/m, magnetic, aluminium reflex.

Tapping mode, Interleave mode set to Lift.



Scanning window, sample is disk-platter from a 300 GB disk.


Images scanned from various locations on the 300 GB disk platter. Phase image (magnetic field) is to the left in pseudo color, height image in grey scale to the right. All height images show a nearly flat surface, as would be expected from a disk surface.

All images are processed and displayed using the free Gwyddion software.

15 x 15 µm field taken at about eleven o'clock on the disk surface.


Zoom in to 1 x 1 µm, at about center of image above.


Another 1 x 1 µm area near previous location. The different "slant" of the structures could be due to drift in the piezos, system had been on for about one hour.


5 x 5 µm area closer to the center of the disk platter.


The skanned area is now moved a bit to the right to see the irregular pattern at the right side.


Here the area is fully inside the irregular pattern.


Settings for scanning the magnetic test sample provided by Veeco.


Image during scanning of the tape test sample. Note the more grainy surface in the height image (here left image), compared to the disk platter.


5 x 5 µm area of the Veeco tape sample.


25 x 25 µm area, the magnetic pattern is much bigger than that on a 300 GB disk platter.

Anders Liljeborg Nanostructure Physics, KTH.