Former Students and Postdocs of Nanostructure Physics

Karin Andersson, left for job at Xcounter, Stockholm
Sebastian Andersson, Atlas Copco Send email
Carsten Hutter Send email
David Schaeffer, ABB, Västerås, Sweden. Send email
Erik Tholén Send email
Sergiy Cherepov Send email
Ninos Poli Send email
Alexander Konovalenko Send email
Jochen Walter, left for a job at Silex, Järfälla, Stockholm Send email
Silvia Corlevi, left for a job at Replisaurus, Kista, Stockholm Send email
Jonas Rundqvist, left for a postdoc at NTT Basic Research Labs, Atsugi, Japan
Now with a Norwegian company LingVitae AB, Roslagstullsbacken 33.
Send email
Mattias Urech, left for a job at Xcounter, Stockholm Send email
Jan Johansson, post doc at NTT Basic Reserach Laboratories, now at D-wave Systems, Vancouver Send email
Peter Ågren, works at Silex, Järfälla Send email

Send email
Andrey Gromov, left for job at ACREO, Kista Send email

Former Post Docs

Adrian Iovan Send email
Devrim Pesen Send email
Wiebke Guichard, left for position at Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, 2004 Send email
Michio Watanabe, left for research position at Rieken, Japan, then to NIST, Boulder CO, USA Send email
Volker Schöllmann, left for job at Phillips Reserach Labs, Eindhoven, The Netherlands Send email

Former Diploma Students

Michael Bergmann Send email
Erik Lindgren Send email
Fabien Gregis Send email
Kanber Lam Send email
Beatriz Mendoza,
doing PhD in bionanotechnology at Oxford
Send email
Evelyn Doherty Send email
Frank Weber Send email
André Hallan, Silex, Järfälla, Stockholm Send email